Joint Venture Partner SRS, Inc.

Architect Morris-Berg Architects

Greensboro, NC


158,000 SF



The Guilford County School System in North Carolina has added a replacement middle school to its educational landscape. The new facility, which was constructed while the existing school remained operational, is the fourth school completed by Samet and HUB firm SRS, Inc. for the district.

The modern design of the school includes two classroom wings running perpendicular to the main corridor, each wing spread across two floors that house learning labs and classrooms. The main corridor is home to the media center and science classrooms, providing a bright and inviting learning environment.

Beyond academics, the facility sports special features such as an Agri-science building with an adjacent greenhouse, a welding lab, and an auxiliary gymnasium. A 550-person capacity auditorium adds to the appeal of the school. Outdoor facilities include fields for football, baseball, soccer, softball, and tennis courts, along with concession areas for each.

Samet is proud to join Guilford County Schools’ ongoing commitment to invest in education and provide enriching environments for student success.

Having worked with numerous contractors throughout my career, I have experienced great working relationships and some not so great. My experience with Samet/SRS ranks with the best. Throughout the design process and continuing with the construction process, they are organized, clear and professional in their method of approaching a project. They have been an important member of the project team. I have been impressed with the way that they handle the construction process to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget all the while making sure the construction site is as safe as it can be. I highly recommend Samet/SRS for your project. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship with them on future projects.

Steve Wallace