Architect  ADW Architects

Greensboro, NC


17,500 SF



  • Fire Station 7 is a two-story design that will houses fire and EMS facilities, and contains telecom/data, CCTV, A/V, security, and solar panels.


  • Fire Station 7 was originally built as a Guilford County fire station in 1958. The original building was a modest 8,784 SF brick design with a tall, two-truck bay garage with connections on either side for office, sleeping quarters, restrooms, and equipment. This station continues to respond to the most incidents in Greensboro out of all 26 in the city.


  • The new design has five arched bays with high-speed overhead doors. This larger facility also has female quarters, female locker rooms, and a workout facility – all amenities not present at the old 1958 station. The design also shares a space with EMS that will help improve responses to the large number of emergencies in District 1.


  • Samet constructed a temporary metal building for the firefighters to seamlessly continue to work while the new two-story, 17,000 SF replacement building was completed.



  • This project was included in the Mentor-Protégé program with MWBE, and student mentorships with Dudley High School.

Firehouse Station Design Award

Notable Mention Career Stations I – More than 15,000 SF Facilities Staffing Full-Time Fire and Emergency Personnel