Project delivery methods consist of planning, designing, construction, and other services necessary for organizing, executing, and completing a building facility. It also involves the comprehensive process of assigning the contractual responsibilities for designing and constructing a project. We pride ourselves in the ability to align all project contributors regardless of the contracting method. Ultimately it means delivering the facility you want, on time and on budget, with the outcomes you need for your investment. We will gladly work within your specified delivery method, or recommend one to best suit your situation. Regardless of the method, we believe early engagement, and transparency is the key to success.

Samet’s partnership with owners often begins early in the planning process, where our team applies years of knowledge in construction, real estate and finance to assist owners in these beginning project stages when many of the most important decisions are made, including:


The CM@RISK method allows us to choose quality subcontractors – not simply the lowest bidders – to build your facility to your expectations. The CM@Risk method permits us to serve as a consultant, acting in our client’s best interest from predevelopment through final construction. Using our skills in this this delivery method potentially reduces the risk to the owner by ironing out details in the pre-planning stage and thus saving time and costs.


> Create collaborative team
> Quality over price
> Efficient preconstruction timing + schedule
> Preplanning can save costs


Samet’s Design-Bid-Build delivery method will allow our clients to get the most competitive pricing from the bidding process. Design and construction roles are independent, so Samet and the owner work hand in hand to create the best team with the freedom to make changes at any time – although this customization of choosing vendors at every step may add to the overall timeline. This system works well if your project needs a full bidding process to lower costs, is less likely to incur changes and the timeline is not an issue.


> Competitive bids
> Independent roles
> Freedom + control to make changes
> Create a customized team


Our Design-Build delivery method allows early and frequent collaboration in a project. Due to the demands and needs of projects and their owners, Design-Build is currently one of the most utilized methods and is expected to grow even more in the future. Teams are comprised based on quality work and qualifications, not necessarily price. Avoiding the bid process saves time and streamlines decision making. As our initial delivery method of expertise, this system enables concerns to be identified early, eliminating potential conflicts and maintaining timing and budgets. This system works well if your project needs a full bidding process to lower costs, is less likely to incur changes and the timeline is not an issue.


> Efficient timeline
> Quality focus rather than bid focus
> Consistent budget
> Streamlined communication