Architect HH Architecture 

High Point, NC


10 Acres



  • High Point City Lake Park’s historical site served as an 1800s military war encampment that later became the site of a Quaker settlement. Through President Franklin Roosevelt’s Work’s Progress Administration (WPA), the park received transformations and amenities including a pool, amphitheater and more trees. Several subsequent renovations took place from the 1950s to the 1990s. After serving High Point for 100 years, the city voiced the need to revitalize the park to address changing demographics and recreational trends.



  • Because of this need, Samet was chosen to renovate a 6,800 SF gymnasium slated to be a community center/multipurpose space with assembly rooms, kitchen, restrooms, and office space. Included in the project is renovating the swimming pool, pool deck with added lawn, pool locker rooms, stage, plaza, and event space as well as expanded parking. A pedestrian bridge will connect Bicentennial Greenway and Piedmont Environmental Center with additional pedestrian connections surrounding the park.