Architect HH Architecture 

High Point, NC


10 Acres



High Point City Lake Park has a rich history, with its site initially serving as a military encampment in the 1800s before transforming into a Quaker settlement. The park underwent significant changes under President Franklin Roosevelt’s Work’s Progress Administration (WPA), which added numerous amenities such as a pool, an amphitheater, and additional greenery. Over the years, from the 1950s to the 1990s, the park saw several updates and renovations. After a century of service, the city recognized the need to rejuvenate the park to cater to evolving demographics and recreational trends.

In response to this need, Samet was selected to refurbish a 6,800 square foot gymnasium, envisioned as a community center and multipurpose space. This facility would house assembly rooms, a kitchen, restrooms, and office space. The project also included upgrades to the swimming pool, pool deck, locker rooms, stage, plaza, and event space, along with expanded parking. A pedestrian bridge is planned to connect the Bicentennial Greenway and Piedmont Environmental Center, with additional pedestrian paths around the park.