In recognition of Women in Construction Week, it is important to highlight the significant role that women play in the construction industry. Despite being a male-dominated field, women have been breaking barriers and making substantial contributions to the growth and success of the construction landscape.

Currently, the construction industry stands at a pivotal crossroads, facing the persistent challenges of labor shortages, the urgency for innovation, and the need for more inclusive, diverse workspaces. Women in construction are not just filling a crucial gap; they are redefining what it means to build not just structures but a better, more dynamic industry.

Building Diversity Onsite

Why is it essential to have women on the construction site? The answer is multifaceted. Women bring unique perspectives, drive innovation, and foster an environment where diverse ideas lead to better decision-making. With women’s increased involvement in construction roles, teams are experiencing a positive shift in project outcomes, safety metrics, and overall productivity. These benefits aren’t just felt within teams; they resonate across entire communities, improving how we create spaces for people everywhere.

Addressing the Skills Shortage

As we anchor ourselves to face the skills shortage head-on, every hand and every mind counts. Women represent an untapped resource, poised to bring skill, resilience, and creativity to the table. According to the Labor Bureau of Statistics, while women make up around 14% of the construction workforce, there is ample room for growth. Initiatives encouraging women to join the construction industry are more than just about equality; they’re imperatives for a thriving sector. Here is a recent news story highlighting the efforts towards this goal.

Women at Work: Driving Positive Change

Companies can drive positive change by finding ways to support and champion women within the ranks. Through our Women-Focused Employee Resource Group, Women at Work, we have established a foundation for change that paves the way to a culture of inclusion and collaboration.

“Through our Women-Focused ERG, we’re creating positive change by empowering women in our company. We’ve created a community and a platform for our female associates to feel heard, valued, and confident in their leadership abilities,” says Assistant Project Manager Kassidy Barrans.

With over 100 dedicated female employees—19% of our company—we are making strides in supporting their career growth with mentoring and networking opportunities and by influencing company practices such as implementing female-specific personal protective equipment (PPE) and championing the development of a parental leave policy.

Our Women at Work ERG has taken actionable steps by increasing female representation in Operational Leadership Committees, contributing to the well-being of our communities through charity fundraising, and continuously advocating for safe, sustainable change.

Building a Legacy

By harnessing the talents and perspectives of women, we construct more than structures—we are creating a legacy of progress that promises to inspire future generations. After all, an industry that prospers from the collective strength, skills, and insights of every member is an industry set for enduring success.

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