In August, Samet made two appearances on local and national television.

In one of our biggest news pickups, CBS Nightly News featured Kassidy Barrans and Robert Crosby on a piece about women in the construction industry.

Historically, construction is a male-dominated field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of women in construction totals 1.2 million, a 54.7% increase since 2012! Women now make up nearly 20% of Samet’s workforce.

Spectrum News also highlighted Superintendent Jennifer Price and her intern Caroline Murphy to discuss women’s place in the construction industry and how Caroline’s internship has impacted her as she heads into law school.

“If I stay in construction, that’s great field experience. If I don’t stay in construction, everything I’m learning translates really well into a lot of different industries, and I think will make me into a better attorney.” Murphy said.

Watch the full segment from Spectrum News here:

Check out the full CBS story here:

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