Back in October, Samet donated extra scrap materials to Apex High School’s carpentry program.

Occasionally, a job site will end up with some extra materials that are still usable goods, just not for the project, so it is great to have some alternative ways to dispose of those things without filling up a landfill.  Supporting a construction program for high school students is also a win-win!  Material budgets can be tight at some schools so providing this support is a way of caring for our community. 

Ilina Ewen, Samet’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, was the partnership’s mastermind. She was introduced to Apex High School through the Pittard Scholarship and Wake Ed Partnership, and as a scholarship Judge, Ewen met a student there who started a Habitat for Humanity club.

After staying in touch with this student, Ewen met with the school’s career counselor and carpentry teacher. They talked about ways Samet could support and elevate the school’s program as well as CTE in general.

“I’ve recently been able to meet with the head of CTE for the district and am working with her to identify the middle and high schools that will benefit from our materials donations,” said Ewen. “We hope to streamline the process to share the wealth.”

Samet is working hard to build a network of community partners that could benefit from our support and provide alternative ways to divert scrap materials from going to a landfill.  This includes high schools, technical schools, Habitat for Humanity, and other groups that could put these things to good use.

We look forward to creating more partnerships that create more sustainable business practices in the future!

Mr. Christiansen with Tiffany King

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