Samet’s Tiffany King, Senior Project Manager & Regional Sustainability Director was recognized by the City of Raleigh for her efforts to reduce the harmful impacts on the environment in the construction industry.

I am so honored to be recognized as an ‘Environmental Champion’ by Raleigh,” Tiffany said. “I’ve been committed to pushing for more environmentally friendly business practices throughout my career and am so excited that I have been formally given that opportunity at Samet in my new role as Regional Director of Sustainability.”

Since moving to North Carolina to join the building and development community, she has worked tirelessly to further eco initiatives both internally and externally at Samet while also volunteering time outside of work to clean parks and further her education in sustainability as well as to create opportunity for employment and mentorship of historically underrepresented marginalized peoples within the industry.

Tiffany immediately set out to secure better waste and recycling options for the Raleigh office while also implementing a new composting program. She has dedicated time and energy to creating a new waste and recycling program, while educating herself and her peers on more sustainable building practices.  She has spent significant effort into upgrading fleet vehicles to more fuel-efficient alternatives and has mentored numerous colleagues on better building practices.

We’ve only scratched the surface on building a sustainability program and making improvements to our operations, so it is really encouraging to be getting recognized for putting in the hard work of getting started,” Tiffany concluded.


The Raleigh Environmental Awards are hosted by the City of Raleigh’s Environmental Advisory Board to celebrate the efforts of Raleigh residents, businesses, and students to conserve our natural environment.

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