Safety is JOB ONE. At Samet Corporation, we have made Safety a part of the corporate culture and are proud of this achievement and the safety commitment from all Samet Associates. Safety is extremely important on all of our job sites we ensure a detailed safety plan is in place for the well-being of people in and around the construction zone.

Our award winning safety program has resulted in EMR rates well below the industry average. This means lower insurance costs for us and better value for our clients. The key components of the program include:

  • On-going safety training for all associates, beginning with new-hire orientation and continuing throughout their career
  • A safety certification that is required for all operations associates
  • A prequalification process which includes a safety review for all subcontractors as a condition of doing business with Samet
  • A pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol testing program
  • A formal accident and injury reporting system, followed by analysis and corrective measures

Certifications Awards