To all of our Customers, Trade Partners, Associates, your families and to our Communities –

We want to share a few thoughts on behalf of the leadership here at Samet Corporation…

Thank you for everything that each of you – especially our front-line folks in the field – have been doing as part of our Samet family over the past several months as CV-19 emerged and continues to have a significant impact on our lives.

Ever wonder what future students who study history will learn about this year 2020?

With the year half over, we want you to know that Samet’s leaders have worked tirelessly to understand and respond to the challenges using our Values of Service, Quality, Innovation, Trust and Safety as our compass. Our teams consistently meet countless challenges with ingenuity, drive and an authenticity that enables Samet Corp to remain a strong, giving organization within our communities…in the darkest of times, as essential workers, we kept the work going, we kept hope alive and we helped thousands of families carry on – safely, with dignity and with the appreciation and respect of our communities.

During these times, especially in light of more recent events that bring systemic racism to the forefront of the news, we reflect and ask ourselves…‘are we doing and giving enough’?

Giving not just in dollars or good will, but in deeper, more meaningful ways that, when bundled as a societal response and written about in the history books, will demonstrate the true measure of our generation and of us as leaders. While CV-19 has affected everyone, it has affected the disadvantaged and our minority communities most severely… Have we done enough? What else can we do?

As we map out the things we will (continue to) do to make a difference, we must recognize and understand that our minority communities are not only feeling the impacts of CV-19 that has affected them more from a health and economic front, but are also struggling with real impacts from underlying, systemic inequalities that exist in our society yet today.

While many of us can’t possibly understand the feelings of fear and uncertainty associated with underlying or systemic racism we can share one thing – when we are on the job, on the scaffold, or on the shovel, together we are on the front lines – as a team – together we are essential – we are one…unified to get the job done at the highest level of quality, with pride and concern for the safety and well-being our fellow men and women.

Let’s all take that sense of partnership back to our everyday lives and in as many ways possible help shape the chapter on 2020 for the better – to reduce social injustice at every turn as part of our daily lives.

On behalf of our executive team, and the Samet family, please know that Samet Corporation as a whole is committed to fostering an environment of equality and inclusion that values diversity and delivers future leaders into our communities where their tolerance and grace is a given, where all men and women are equal and we work to overcome social inequities in authentic ways every day as part of our work.

While we build structures and create value through our projects, our single best opportunity is to build the relationships with people from every walk of life that can help make a difference in our communities. The foundational step to these good relationships is understanding. With knowledge we can affect real, meaningful change that creates the relationships and good reputation that will outlast any structure we build.

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Samet Corporation provides construction and property development services that fulfill the financial goals and building needs of our clients. We are an innovative solution provider dedicated to delivering high ethical standards and exceptional services. The Samet Corporation team offers efficient management, ease of administration and high return on investment. This mission is accomplished through an unwavering commitment to our core values.

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Samet Corporation University

Samet Corporation is committed to helping our associates gain the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in their careers. We offer the following training courses for our associates:

  1. Internal employee-led courses offered in the Samet University Training Center
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  3. External training courses offered by outside companies and consultants
  4. Self-study courses through e-learning, DVD, books, study groups, etc. approved for credit through Samet University.