Samet Corporation is committed to creating project opportunities, and supporting the growth of minority and woman-owned firms in the communities we serve. We form long-term business alliances and mentoring relationships with MBE/WBE/DBEs, to develop them as our trade partners and to strengthen their business experience and capabilities.

On many projects, Samet has successfully developed and implemented Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) plans that exceeded targeted levels of participation by minority and woman-owned firms.

Key elements of our approach include:

Outreach to capable MBE/WBE/DBEs through telephone campaigns, project mixers, and preconstruction project informational meetings to inform them about potential project opportunities.
Training and assisting firms to complete our subcontractor/supplier prequalification process.
Tracking and assisting targeted HUB firms through the bidding process to maximize their likelihood of success.
Providing project management support to subcontractors working on Samet projects.
Diversity Contact Johnny Sigers 336-544-6796 jsigers@sametcorp.com