Our focus is delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer our clients the option to select the delivery approach that best meets their needs. Whatever role we fulfill, Samet Corporation will deliver a finished product of exceptional quality in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

Our Process

Samet’s partnership with owners often begins early in the planning process, sometimes before an idea even reaches the "back of the envelope." Our team applies their expertise in construction, real estate and finance to assist owners in the early project stages when many of the most important decisions are made, including:

Site Selection

Budgeting & Financial

Preconstruction &
Value Engineering


In a Design-Build project delivery partnership, our Owners’ best experiences happen because our team consistently delivers on the Five Fundamentals that we call The Samet Way.

Plan the Job
Every Samet project starts with a Project Management Plan where we focus on the project financials and milestone schedule from the beginning.
Know the Job
As a result of our preconstruction work, the Samet team knows the job better than anyone else.
Protect the Job
Our team actively manages risk in the best interest of the Owner and the Project.
Execute the Job
We manage the work of the project by commitment, then document and report on all commitments using our comprehensive project management and information system.
Make The Job Safe
We are committed to creating the safest possible work site for all persons on every project, proven by our consistently low annual EMR (Experience Modification Rate) & Nine (9) Consecutive Building Star Awards.