Greensboro Science Center Wiseman Aquarium Expansion

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Greensboro, NC

Project Delivery:





5,000 SF


Lindsey Architecture

This 5,300SF expansion to the Greensboro Science Center’s Wiseman Aquarium is a single story, steel-framed buildingwith an architectural aluminum rain screen veneer. The existing building’s metal panels continue seamlessly through to the new addition. The exhibit areas house 17 new tanks of various sizes. The exhibit spaces are separated into a grand entry area with free-standing cylindrical tanks, 2 separate pods with stand alone tanks and interactive images on the exhibit space walls.

The expansion features its own chiller system and dedicated outdoor air unit, manifolded into the exhibit building’s chiller plant. The tank life safety equipment, pumps, heat exchangers and chillers each received dedicated power on generator back-up.

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